Low Budget Filmmaking Equipments

Do you want to be a filmmaker or content creator? You don’t have camera setup and thinking of creating a it under budget? You are at right place.

Cinema cameras are very powerful tools for filmmaking, But these cinema cameras are so expensive that a beginner filmmaker can’t afford. We will keep trying to maintain the budget under $1000.What do you need to make a movie?

What do you need to make a movie?

You can shoot video with any camera. You can even film and edit videos on iPhone. But if you are serious on making some good content, you’ll probably need

  • Mirrorless camera, DSLR or camcorder
  • Microphones
  • Tripod to keep your shots steady
  • lights or reflectors
  • Computer with a good editing app

Choose Camera

Your choice will depend that how much you can spend to buy a good camera. For most of the people, a mirrorless camera or DSLR is the best choice. I recommend the following cinema cameras for beginner filmmakers.

For really high-quality images, cinema cameras like the Canon C100 combine the best features of camcorders and DSLRs, though they’re expensive.

Sound is Important

The sound is as important as pictures, and you won’t get great audio with the microphone in your camera. Using a separate microphone will make a big difference.

Lavalier (‘lav’) microphones, which clip onto clothes, are most affordable equipment. You really need to be listening to the sound on headphones as you shoot. But some cameras have limited audio recording options – and no headphone sockets – so you may need a separate audio recorder.

If you’re shooting news and events singlehanded, you probably need an on-camera microphone. I use the directional Rode VideoMic Pro.

Out Option is Rode VMGO Video Mic GO Lightweight On-Camera Microphone Super-Cardioid

Tripods for support

It is very important that your shot looks smooth and steady. Some cinema cameras have in-built stabilisation that you can shoot handheld. If you want smooth tilt and pan shots then go for a fluid head tripod, stabilizers, gimbals.

Our cheapest option on is Magnus VT-300 Video Tripod with Fluid Head

All the Most Required Types of equipment are listed. If need to see more extra accessories list for filmmaking on Learnaboutfilm.com

Low Budget Filmmaking Equipment List